Welcome to the

Golf Performance Retreat

hosted by Coach Mike Mac


where your buddies golf trip meets the highest level of performance and wellness.
When was the last time you left a buddies golf trip feeling better than when you arrived?
Through a carefully curated program you will leave this event feeling amazing both on and off the course.

The 4 Core Pillars of the Retreat

Training and performance

Training and performance

You’ll be given a step by step blueprint of exactly how and what you need to do to optimize the way you train, prepare, and recover from playing golf. Learn how to train like the pros by embracing pre round mobility warm up routines, post round cool-downs and therapies, curated menu items, and a program to navigate your training after you leave the trip.

Inclusions of other aspects of performance

Inclusion of other aspects of performance

At the retreats, we will bring in other professionals at the top of their fields from mental game coaching, club fitting, instruction, hot/cold therapy, nutrition and more. We will integrate every piece of the performance puzzle and educate you on the best ways to maximize the way you move and feel on and off the course.

Social interaction

Social interaction

Meet and hang out with other golf enthusiasts like yourself. We’ll have fun competitions, private dinners, and down time to get to know each other and connect on all things golf. You may even grab an invite to a club you’ve been wanting to play!

Play great golf

Play great golf

Come to some of the best golf destinations in the country, enjoy beautiful hotels, and get ready to have some fun on the course.

The retreat will be a blueprint to guide you step by step for exactly what you need in order to prevent injury, increase mobility, gain distance and play pain-free golf.

I’ll be there to answer questions, provide insight, and help you navigate your path toward playing this game as well as you can for as long as you can.

Come prepared to play awesome golf, train and learn from some of the best in the industry, and leave feeling much better than when you arrived!


Why You Should Attend

The retreat was created as a way to educate golfers about the best and most effective ways to take care of their bodies and promote health and longevity. So many people play this game but are unsure as to whether what they are doing in the gym is beneficial for their game.

Are your current workouts adding distance & building club head speed? Is your stretching routine actually increasing flexibility? Take the guesswork out as you will leave the retreat knowing exactly what strategies to implement not just in your workouts, but in all other golf trips in the future.


I have worked with hundreds of golfers over the years and have the knowledge and expertise to teach you how to get the most out of your body.

Come to the retreat with an open mind – it will be a gateway to allow you to increase flexibility, play pain-free, and outdrive your buddies!

Who is the Golf Performance Retreat for?

  • Golfers who value and embrace the role of exercise and wellness in their lives.
  • Someone who understands that mobility, strength and overall performance can drastically improve their golf game as well as dramatically reduce the risk of injury.
  • The retreat will bring like-minded people together to have fun, play golf and network.
  • This trip attracts those who want to surround themselves with the best people, information and education out there to make sure what they are doing actually works!

We will only be accepting 7 spots!


Who is this Retreat NOT for?

  • Someone looking to come on a guys trip to drink their face off and party. This is not for you if you’re not willing to put yourself out there, try new things, invest in meeting new people and be open to learning things that may be different than what you’ve heard before.
  • Additionally, there will be a carefully curated schedule so if you don't plan on sticking to it, and want a bunch of time to yourself to do your own thing, this isn’t the right trip for you.
  • While there is planned downtime to chill, there will be a lot of time spent together in the gym, on the course and during meals. If you’re coming by yourself, be willing to socialize and meet other avid golfers.
  • To reiterate, this is a “performance” retreat with a heavy emphasis on exercise, nutrition and a lack of alcohol. While you won’t be asked to leave if you have a drink or two, the focus of this trip is very different from a typical buddies trip where you leave feeling run down, tired and broken down.

Golf Performance Retreat Location:

Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee Georgia

This immaculate five-star resort boasts five golf courses within miles of the resort as well as TaylorMade’s “The Kingdom” club fitting and instruction center. The resort formerly hosted the show Big Break on Golf Channel and is always amongst the top golf destinations in the country.



May 20th-22nd, 2024
Two nights, three days (Check in Monday-Check out Wednesday)


Golf Performance Retreat

Standard Ticket

$5,499 USD


Payment Plan


3 monthly payments


What's Included?

  • 2 nights stay at The Ritz Carlton Reynolds
    (One king room lake view with a balcony)
  • 2 rounds of golf
  • 2 hour golf experience at TaylorMade’s “The Kingdom”
  • All food, workouts, special guest seminars as well as your training with me.
  • Two months of the Elite Golf Fitness Custom Workout Program from Coach Mike following the retreat. ($798 value)
  • A Pre-Retreat Mobility Plan for you to begin prior to arrival to familiarize yourself with some of the exercises and movements. ($197 value)

**You are responsible for transportation to and from the resort as well as room incidentals, water sports, room service and alcohol ordered.



The Benefits of Joining This Retreat...

Benefits of joining the Golf Performance Retreat

During the retreat you will get a complete breakdown of everything you need in order to optimize the way your body moves and feels.

You’ll receive hands-on training from me, mobility warm up routines & post round recovery strategies.

Additionally there will be other input from top members of their respective fields in mental game coaching, club fitting, instruction, hot/cold therapy, nutrition and more.

Benefits of joining the Golf Performance Retreat

Lastly, you’ll leave the retreat feeling great and with two months of customized workout programming, taking what you learned and incorporating it into your daily life and workouts.

Oh and you’ll play awesome courses, stay at five-star hotels, and have a lot of fun with myself and other avid golfers. We’ll have fun competitions, private dinners, and downtime to get to know each other and connect on all things golf!

Benefits of joining the Golf Performance Retreat

About Coach Mike Mac

Mike McDonnell is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf fitness professional and was named one of Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainers in America for 2022-2023.

Mike specializes in training golfers of all ages and ability levels from Tour pros, to recreational players & competitive juniors. In addition to his in-person training, he also runs the Elite Golf Fitness online program with clientele around the world. Mike has been featured on several podcasts as a golf fitness expert and consultant. He also serves as an advisor to several country clubs & membership organizations and has been asked to speak at national fitness conferences. Mike believes in a movement-based approach to training that is centered around assessments and programs designed specifically for each individual. 

He connects how movement deficiencies in the gym manifest themselves in swing faults on the course. Fundamental qualities to his approach include mobility, stability, strength and training in multiple planes of motion.

As someone who dealt with a back injury himself, Mike is aware of how important mobility is when it comes to training as well as playing pain-free golf. He guides everyday golfers through the best methods and strategies to move better and hit it further. 

Quotation mark

"Working with Mike has been a pleasure. The thought and detail he uses putting the workout programs together gives me the confidence to just show up and get the work done knowing that we will see the results we are hoping to see. He is available, encouraging and really knows his stuff. My body feels great and I can feel the changes when I'm golfing, but can also notice a difference whether it's everyday life or any other physical activities that I enjoy doing."

- Kyle from Washington

"Working with Coach Mac has been an awesome experience. He creates a plan that has helped me gain speed and feel better on the course. I used to get injuries frequently but after following his great monthly routines, I have been able to stay healthy and feel great on and off the course”

- Ryan from Washington DC

"Training with Coach Mike is one of the best investments I've ever made. Two years in (and at age 49) the impact on my wellness and game are noticeable. I play consistently better, I move better, I don't hurt after rounds now, and I broke par for the first time ever this year. He knows his stuff. He's going to check in. He's going to meet you where you are. He is going to help you stay accountable & give you the support you need. And above all else, he cares about your success. If you are on the fence, jump down. Mike is the real deal."

- Scott from Georgia

"I've been working with Mike for over a year now and my golf game and body are in the best shape they have been in 10 plus years. He customizes the workouts based upon your specific needs to get you moving properly and pain-free."

- Will from South Carolina

This is for you if...

  • You love golf and playing at some of the best destinations in the country.
  • You value your fitness and are looking for ways to improve.
  • Mobility, strength and distance are all things you want to work on and increase.
  • Longevity is important to you, you’re looking to maximize how well you feel so you can play as long as you want.
  • You don’t want to deal with chronic pain, tightness or stiffness. You have an open mind about strategies and modalities that will help you.
  • You enjoy fun competition, playing great golf while meeting and hanging with other golf enthusiasts and members at great clubs across the country.

Other Important Details:

  • One round is within walking distance of the resort while the other is a short drive away. For those driving to the retreat you can take your own car or we can organize a group shuttle from the hotel.
  • There is a beautiful pool & lake on property along with access to water sports.
  • There will be a videographer shooting content throughout the retreat which will be utilized for social media and future marketing of the retreat. We ask for your consent to film + use footage for future marketing for the retreat.
  • Airports- The most convenient airport is Atlanta which is 77 miles away. You can also fly into Macon (MCN) which is 53 miles away. Additionally there is Greene county regional airport which is 16 miles away for private planes
  • Accomodations: The price of the retreat includes one king lake view room with a balcony. If you choose to upgrade your room, please contact me and the room rate will be removed from the price of your ticket.